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WynDry Prime Bath Towels, 24 x 52, 11lbs BTW100 Item Code : BTW100
$45.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 2
WynDry Prime Hand Towels, 16 x 27, 3lbs HTW100 Item Code : HTW100
$13.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 7
WynDry Prime Wash Cloths, 12 x 12, 1lbs WCW100 Item Code : WCW100
$4.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 24
WynDry Prime/Deluxe Bath Mats, 20 x 30, 7lbs BMW110 Item Code : BMW110
$26.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 4
WynDry Deluxe Bath Towels, 27 x 54, 15lbs BTW200 Item Code : BTW200
$64.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 2
WynDry Deluxe Hand Towels, 16 x 30, 4.5lbs HTW200 Item Code : HTW200
$20.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 4
WynDry Deluxe Wash Cloths, 13 x 13, 1.5lbs WCW200 Item Code : WCW200
$6.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 18
WynDry Jacquard Logo Bath Mats, 21 x 34, 11lbs BMW300 Item Code : BMW300
$59.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 5
WynDry Pool Towels, 30 x 60, 12.75lbs PTW100 Item Code : PTW100
$58.95 /Dozen
Order in Multiples of 3
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WynRest T250 Sheets & Pillowcases

WynRest Pillows

WynRest Pillows

WynDry® Prime & Deluxe Towel Program


Exclusively for use by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts brands

Prime: 86% Hygro Cotton/14% Polyester

Deluxe: 100% Hygro Cotton

Hygro patented technology– unique hollow core yarn resulting in more absorbency, superior loft & durability, blooming after washing, and lasting softness.

Meets brand standard 700.02.05.

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