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Platinum Bath Towel, 24x48, 8.5lb, White BT1740 Item Code : BT1740
$35.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Bath Towel, 24x50, 10.5lb, White BT1750 Item Code : BT1750
$47.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Bath Towel, 27x54, 14 lb, White BT1754 Item Code : BT1754
$62.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Bath Towel, 27x54, 15lb, White BT1755 Item Code : BT1755
$65.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Bath Towel, 27x54, 17lb, White BT1758 Item Code : BT1758
$75.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Hand Towel, 16x27, 3lbs, White HT1727 Item Code : HT1727
$16.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Wash Cloth, White, 12x12, 1lb WC1710 Item Code : WC1710
$5.95 /Dozen
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Ultra/Platinum Bath Mat, 20x30, White BM1630 Item Code : BM1630
$35.95 /Dozen
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Platinum Bath Mat, 22x34, White BM1734 Item Code : BM1734
$46.95 /Dozen
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Ultra Luxury Towels

Ultra Luxury Towels


Q-Tee Ultra Luxury Towel White & Beige

Platinum Towels


Dobby Border, Crafted with 100% Ring Spun Cotton.

Stylish and elegant design provides a truly superior guest experience.

Transform your guest bathroom into a clean, serene space.

A staple in your guest bathroom. Pamper your guests with next generation, resort quality terry.

With our Platinum Collection towels, guests will step out of the bath or shower and onto our stylish spa & resort grade terry. Made with the finest quality 100% cotton and designed with an elegant dobby border, this absorbent collection offers a luxurious look for any bathroom décor.

An unparalleled, sumptuous feel With its unparalleled hand and sumptuous feel, our Platinum Collection will highlight a highly pleasurable transition from a warm shower to soft terry. We use the finest 100% ring spun cotton and employ next generation construction for reduced shrinkage and extended lifespan. Platinum Collection towels have earned a reputation for unwavering excellence in the hospitality industry.

Boost your bottom line The Platinum Collection is designed for a true luxury guest experience with superb softness and high abosorbency. High quality, luxuroisus terry offerings that guests can touch and feel will enhance your guest satisfaction. Memorable guest experiences and high satsifaction will directly increase your bottom line.

Create a serene space Platinum Collection towels refine your guest bathroom with the decadent touch and comforting details of luxury while pairing well with any bathroom design. The fine assortment of terry feature an attractive detailed border which complement any décor. Create final touches with the elegant, soft look of our Platinum Towel Collection.

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