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Can Liner, 36x60, 14 Mic, Natural, 200/CS CL366014N Item Code : CL366014N
$27.95 /Case
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Can Liner, 36x60, 17 Mic, Natural, 200/CS CL366017N Item Code : CL366017N
$31.95 /Case
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Can Liner, 36x60, 28 Mic, Natural, 100/CS CL366028N Item Code : CL366028N
$25.95 /Case
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Can Liner, 36x60, 30 Mic, Natural, 100/CS CL366030N Item Code : CL366030N
$24.95 /Case
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Thicker, stronger bags designed for industrial use.

Keep your property clean and spill-free by using the strongest, thickest bags available on the market. Don't settle for flimsy, lightweight bags that will annoy your housekeeping staff and stain your flooring.

Strong, Durable Bags

By using flimsy and lightweight bags, housekeeping staff increases the chance of stains and spills on carpet. By using high-quality, thick bags, hotel owners avoid spending time and money on cleaning stains and increase guest satisfaction by keeping a clean environment.

Star Seal Bottom Reduces Tears & Spills

Using a star seal bottom evenly distributes the weight of the bag on all sides. This increases the useful load of these industrial strength bags while maintaining a small and neat form factor. Additionally, keeping a rounded design allows you to use more space inside your receptacle. Star seal bottom can liners are easier to tie and carry for convenient and easy waste disposal.

Coreless Roll Increases Efficiency

Packing can liners in coreless rolls decreases storage space and increases dispensing efficiency. Plus, coreless rolls reduce waste by reducing transportation and storage costs, ultimately lowering your total cost.

33x40 (33 Gallon) Can Liners

33x40 (33 Gallon) Can Liners

38x60 (60 Gallon) Can Liners

38x60 (60 Gallon) Can Liners

36x60 (44-55 Gallon) Can Liners


Perfect for receptacles 44 - 45 gallons

Available in 14, 17, 28, and 30 mic. thickness

Star seal bottom for even weight distribution and easy removal from receptacle

Coreless perforated rolls are easy and quick to dispense

Made from the highest quality & quality resin

Excellent resistance to puncture and tearing

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